Stock Street University

Stock Street University was founded to create a global community to network and educate on financial literacy and investing. Oftentimes people wait until the most financially impacting times, in which many people begin looking for resources and platforms to learn better financial management information. In most communities, financial conversations have been avoided or overlooked due to intimidation caused by perceived complexities in understanding economics, costly limited access, and mundane terminologies. By creating a fun and engaging community, filled with resources, insight, and simplified information, produced by industry professionals and experienced participants in addition to extensive research. We look to create understanding and build excitement that drives the retail investment community to allow their money to work for them by providing a reliable educational platform and resources.

Meet the Team:

Marley Star: Day trading scalper by day and comedian by night. Marley is unlike your typical investor in that he is a bearish trader, capitalizing on downward trends in the market. With a strong focus on Technical Analysis, he capitalizes on short-term positions.

Q Sylvester: Business Developer, Financial independence, and literacy enthusiast. Q is the wolf of Stock Street capitalizing using strong long-term strategies as a value investor, known in the community for his passion for dividends. “Drip Gang”

JWise Pierre: Swing trader, market research analyst. JWise is referred to as an Owl investor for his analytical personality and opportunistic trading methods. Known in the community for his skills in fundamental research, Swings, and Leap trading