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Don’t Know your Investment Animal?

Stock Street University Investing Animal House


Stock Street University Investing House of Bulls

The bulls represent the investors or traders who are optimistic about the future of the stock market. They believe that the market will continue its upward trend. Bulls are the ones who drive the share price of companies higher. Often reviewed as growth investors, with a prime focus on price return investments and trades

Stock Street University Investing House of Bears

Bears are the investors or traders who are opposite of the bulls. They are convinced that the market is directed for a decline. Bears are pessimistic about the future of the stock market and believe that the market is going to be on a downward trend. Mostly, bears are the reason for getting the share prices lower. A strategy often used by day traders, scalpers, and swing traders.

Stock Street University Investing House of Wolves

Wolves are investors/traders who use unethical means to make money from the stock market. Using long-term strategies and cunning market manipulation, mostly, these wolves are involved in the scams that move the share market when it comes to light. Known as the sideways/volatile markets, wolves look for opportunities when prices rise, as well as, on the dips.

Stock Street University Investing House of Owls

The Owl, this kind of investor or traders are not interested in a bull or bear market. They just look out for opportunities, often keeping a keen eye on market research and analysts to find the next potential winners. They are neither bullish nor bearish and are a well-balanced strategist.

Stock Street University Investing House of Pigs

The Pig represents the investors or traders are excitable, resulting in taking higher risks due to greed. The Pigs typically tend to disregard analysis and often look out for hot tips and want to make some quick bucks from the stock market. Pigs are the biggest losers in the stock market.

Stock Street University Investing House of Sheep

Sheep are the kinds of investors who don’t stick to any particular investing style and often overlook market conditions. They are usually the last ones to enter an uptrend and the last ones to get out of a downtrend. The sheep tend to follow the majority (herd), avoiding analysis, and instead, they choose to follow a guru. They are not interested in developing their own investing/trading method.

Stock Street University Investing House of Donkeys

The donkey represents the investors or traders are excitable or bored, resulting in taking a higher risk against the better judgment in search of a thrill. The donkeys tend to disregard discipline and often take great losses from the stock market as a result of their actions. Typically a strategy that is used after taking a loss in the stock market looking for redemption, or traders with no sense of direction at any given moment.

Stock Street University Investing Animal House

Don’t know your investment Animal?


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